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explore the odd land of the gods, discover the reason you keep pressing forward!

this is a raw raw virsion of a game i didnt had the time to make properly. the art was made in an all nighter by a none artist(e.d me) and the game itself i made inbetween classes. not all of the mechanics are presented properly in this quarter tutorial so ill let you know of some of the stuff you can do:

aim your abillities with your mouse(ment to be played with a controller but i didnt had the time to implement the controls), 

you can dash with left shift, this dash is your main attack(if you want it to be...)

you can jump with space

throw your lance(which you btw have) with right click

retrive it with E

(and notice that throwing your lance knock you back quite a bit...)

one other trick ill let discover yourself so i can see if my "silent tutorial"  works

oh right... sorry that josie(thats you) is an oval(had some probloms with the animation ner the end)

well i didnt notice i cant upload files anymore so no submission for me....

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